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Not in OUR Name

War dissent in a Welsh town

by Philip Adams


Two books, by two very different writers and about two very different parts of Britain, have added their own contributions to this growing body of work. Philip Adams has followed the history of his home town, A Most Industrious Town: Briton Ferry and its people 1814 – 2014 (Philip Adams, Ludlow, 2014) with an equally authoritative account of its anti-war movement in his Not in Our Name: War Dissent in a Welsh Town (Philip Adams, Ludlow, 2015). - Cyril Pearce, Huddersfield

Congratulations on another success regarding the above! I must confess that during my 22 formative years at Briton Ferry I was completely naive of the ramifications of being a Conscientious Objector had on the locals during the First World War. Your excellently researched book and obvious awareness on the effects on close relatives provided a great driving force to get the story told. - Nigel Gower, Thurso

Book arrived yesterday. Love the cover and look forward to digging in and learning more about the Briton Ferry I never appreciated. - Malcolm P Davies, Connecticut, USA

For me the great women of the anti-war movement, and the personal stories are fascinating. - Shirley Bozic, Selly Oak, Birmingham

This book is unique and refreshing in its exposition of war dissenters in Briton Ferry (and by implication, many other towns in Britain). The author himself doesn't claim to be a pacifist or even sympathetic to the cause, nevertheless he feels compelled to tell the story of why a small town in South Wales had an unusually high proportion of dissenters. The author… lays the case for why so many were prepared to say "not in OUR name" when asked to slaughter their fellow human beings. - Eddy Grabczewski on Amazon, 4 October 2015

I am finding your book most interesting - great cover too. Such an impressive list of visitors and so many brave dissidents from a comparatively small place! I was aware of Emma Goldman's visit as I made a programme for S4C and BBC Wales on her relationship with Jim Colton but not of Ernie Bevin's visit or of your intriguing suggestion that Bipin Chandra Pal's visit to Briton Ferry at about the same time might have led Bevin to a more sympathetic attitude to Indian independence. - Colin Thomas, Bristol

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Not in Our Name


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