REPRINTED with minor alterations and updates November 2018
October 2014 - reprinted September 2016

A5 size (148 x 210 mm) paperback book, 200 pages including many illustrations

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Chapter 1: West Wales in the early 19th century

Chapter 2: The early industrialisation of Briton Ferry

Chapter 3: Puddling and piloting

Chapter 4: Industrial change in the later 19th century: docks, railways and tinplate works

Chapter 5: Everyday lives from 1870 to 1914

Chapter 6: Business Dynasties

Chapter 7: Education and schools

Chapter 8: The World Wars

Chapter 9: Peacetime memories of life in a Briton Ferry street

Chapter 10: De-industrialisation and its consequences

The tinplate process - From the Ferry to Felinfoel - Directors of works in Briton Ferry - Chronological growth and location of tinplate mills - Chronological growth and location of other metal works - Schools - Churches - Chapels - Pubs and associated friendly societies - Layout of streets in lower Briton Ferry - Street names in Briton Ferry - Eyre’s register and guide: Briton Ferry in 1878 - Principal residences - Working hours in 19th century factories - River Neath 1820 and 1977 - Bibliography

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